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MARIONíS WALK through life takes you on a journey into the world of a girl who grows up without the luxuries most of us now take for granted. But she is grateful for what she does have, with all one needs to enjoy childhood.

From the roaring twenties, though the depressed thirties, into the second World War and beyond, Marionís Walk brings with it the fighting spirit of a girl, turned woman, who isnít easily intimidated by the perils of dysfunctional family life. Marionís naÔve but tough exterior finds her in constant conflict, with a resilience that brings her out of each difficulty.

After being abandoned by her father in early adolescence and surviving an abusive stepfather, Marion walks right into a volatile marriage with an alcoholic husband. She battles through 20 years of degradation while losing two babies and nurturing ten others. Surviving a nervous breakdown, a crisis in faith, and chronic health problems, Marionís walk eventually leads her along a more peaceful path to salvation.

A must read for those going through their own tumult and needing encouragement to keep walking forward. Take a stroll in Marionís Walk and gain strength with every twist and turn through a path that was survived by a woman of the greatest generation.

Marionís Walk.

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Marionís Walk
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